2019 Mac + Cheese Menu

Stay tuned for 2020 Menu Updates coming soon!

Coyote Grille

The Roaming Coyote Food Truck by Coyote Grille
Serving Chorizo Mac + Cheese

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Serving Mac + Cheese and Clam Chowder

Mie & Me
Serving Chicken Mac + Cheese
and RenDang Mac + Cheese

Sankofa Group
Serving Classic Mac + Cheese

Happy Family Ranch
Serving Bacon Mac + Cheese
and Steak Mac + Cheese

Southern Peach
Serving Pepperoni Mac + Cheese,
Chicken & Broccoli Mac + Cheese,
Jerk Mac + Cheese


Old Smokey BBQ
Serving Pork Mac + Cheese,
Sauasage Mac + Cheese,
Chicken Mac + Cheese,
and Brisket Mac + Cheese


Jerk at Nite
Serving JaMacNCheese (Jerk Mac + Cheese)


8 Myles LLC.
Serving Triple Cheese Mac + Cheese
with Hot Honey & Chicken


Dexter’s French Quarters
Serving Smoked Gouda Mac + Cheese,
Jalapeno Mac + Cheese,
and Crab Mac + Cheese


Neopol Savory Smokery
Serving Veggie Mac + Cheese
and Bacon Mac + Cheese


eleven courses
Serving White Truffle Mac + Cheese,
Smoked Gouda Mac + Cheese,
Street Corn Vegan Mac + Cheese,
Cacao Di Pepe “Mac-Less” Cheese (Gluten-Free),
Sunday Supper: Collard Greens & Bacon Mac + Cheese
and “The Cuban” Mac + Cheese 

NeatMeat in DC
Serving Joe’s Mac-n-Cheese 

Arielle Oyster Company
Serving Oyster Mac + Cheese 

Along with a variety of Mac + Cheese dishes, vendors will be offering other delicious menu options! Come hungry. 

Check out our schedule to learn more about the talented chefs cooking up some delicious
Mac + Cheese at the festival.